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We want everyone to enjoy using Jezzam. But there are a few rules to stick to.By using Jezzam, you agree to both Jezzam's terms and conditions and those for Hayden Therapies.Use the links below to view the terms and conditions.
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Hayden Therapies Terms & Conditions
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Please make sure that you have read and fully understand these terms and conditions before you book a treatment with Kim Hayden (trading as) Hayden Therapies.


Appointment booking and cancellation 


We will provide you with an email confirmation of the time and date of your appointment. Please verify your email address when making the appointment booking to ensure you receive a booking confirmation. 


You can cancel or reschedule your appointment ONLINE outside of 72hrs of your appointment, by using the link provided in your original appointment confirmation email. We reserve the right to charge a minimum fee equivalent to the full cost of the treatment for failing to attend your appointment, and not notifying us of your intention not to attend. 


A late attendance for an appointment will result in a shorter appointment time being offered.




You must pay for treatments in full on the day of booking.

Suitability of sports therapy and sports massage treatment


There are some potential contraindications to having a sports massage treatment or sports therapy, if you aware of any pre-existing medical condition or have been advised by a medical professional that treatment may not be suitable, please don't continue with your booking.


It is normal for you to feel some muscle soreness, aching and as a result of deep manipulative therapy to the soft tissues (skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments) and this will pass as part of the recovery process. 


We will always be honest and open with you if it is not appropriate for you to have a sports massage/sports therapy treatment. 




We will not be liable for any financial loss or loss of personal possessions, as a result of, or in connection with the provision of services to you. We will not be liable for any damage that may be caused as a result of your failure to disclose medical details that may, for example, make treatment inappropriate. 


We will not be liable for any muscle soreness, bruising and discoloration of the skin, following a sports massage/sports therapy treatment, as this is quite normal (see previous section-suitability). 




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